In Reading.....

Remember that you need to be reading a minimum of 20 minutes each night.   Students may have a chance to read silently when their classwork is completed.  Please keep that in mind and make sure 20 minutes is set aside for reading at home.


students will be given a spelling paper every Monday(front and back)that is due every Friday morning. They will also have a 20 word spelling quiz every Friday morning. Please help your child study their 20 words Monday through Thursday.


Complete Math Sheets that are given nightly!

Science..students should study their science vocabulary list every night all year in preparation for unit quizzes and the EOG.  Science fair projects will be completed in class except for the actual experiment which is to be done well before Nov.14th(date of the science fair).

Social Studies.... Please check your child's planner to see if Social studies HW has been assigned.  

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